Ten Activities to Do with your Kid on a Rainy Day

Growing children are full of energy, and if you are forced to keep them in the house, it may get hard for you to keep them engaged, especially on a rainy day. As children have the tendency to become restless, while some of the children prefers to go out and play or ride on a toy car rather than staying in to watch TV or to play video games. This is why moms are often looking for interesting ways to keep the children busy at home. Therefore, the following tips will help to provide you easy solutions in terms of making the most of the rainy day with your children

Treasure Hunt

If you don’t have interesting pieces at home to appeal your children, you can probably wrap cookies or candies for all the children in a moderate quantity to play the game of treasure hunt. The idea is to keep them busy. So don’t hide them completely, because you child may get irritated or tired of searching for it. One of the best ways to keep the game fun is to add the element of interesting clues. For instance, guide posts, or small note can be quite helpful. You can fix the number of items each child would be expected to find in addition to allowing the help of the older siblings to guide the younger ones. The main point is to make it a family activity and teach the kids ways to make their own version of the treasure hunt.


You can clear the lounge area to make it your personalized indoor playing area. If you have a lot of furniture, you can push it to the sides of the room in addition to getting the fragile pieces in one corner of the room or shift them to another room. The main point is to create an environment which would get the ball rolling smoothly. All you need is two softballs and a team. Both the teams are supposed to be in two opposite corners of the room in order to see who can roll the ball to the other end in the best way. An obstacle to stop the ball can also be introduced to make the game more dynamics for the purpose of finding out who can get the ball around the obstacle in less time. In other words, there is no limit to creativity; you can keep on inventing interesting elements to make the game fun.

Musical Games

If you are more interested in listening to music, it can also be turned into an exciting game for all the family members. For example, upbeat music can be used to indulge your children in a physical activity. If you want to include sit-ups or crunches, it could be done easily without taking up space in the room. If you are interested in new techniques, you can take help from the kids to make the game according to their taste. Some of the kids like to pedal or somersault, it could be done by providing them the soft support of the cushions so that kids will not get injured.

Dressing up and Acting

kidsIf you have a closet full of unused clothes or if your kids are interested in playing dress up, you can mix and match different pieces of clothes to come up with nice looks. In the same way, the interesting scarf can be used to complete the look. Moreover, all those clothes can also be used to come up with personalized looks or character inspired costumes. For instance, if you have a girl, she may be interested in dressing up as a princess. While some of the kids like to dress as unique characters, whatever the choice may be, all you have to do is provide the children with the option to play with them.

Working a Den

If you give different types of materials to the children, they may use them to make a den. For instance, the fabric of a table cloth and cardboard box will come in handy. In addition, the furniture of the house can be used to form a firm structure. If the interior lighting is important, the torch can serve that function. In addition, snacks can be prepared to provide options in terms of the food in addition to making new drinks for the den. Furthermore, some of the kids like the themed den, which may help to pass time.

Housework Help

Though it may sound unappealing to you because you have to deal with it daily, however, if you think it may not interest them, you are probably wrong. If your children are interested in sweeping or dusting, you can let them do that. Similarly, some of the kids may show interest in vacuum cleaning in addition to dish washing. The main idea is to appreciate them and encourage them rather than being critical about it.


If the rain is not heavy or if it is summer season, you can go out to get a breath of fresh air which would probably refresh you and your children. Some of the parents think that going out in rain can help to relieve the tension as well. For instance, some of the children like the splashy walk in addition to playing volleyball in the rain. In addition, if you take the bags in order to collect unique items, that activity could become very productive, especially if your kids collect pebbles or feathers.

Art Work

Additionally, it is best if you can keep the home fresh even if you stay indoors. For example, if you open one or two windows, it could make the ambiance nicer. If you want to calm your children after playing with them, you can provide them colors and sketch copies to draw whatever they like. The main idea is to get them sit and relax for a while. If you have good memories and you want them to remind you of good times, those pictures can be utilized to make handmade photo frames and collages for the rooms of your children.


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